Strategy Test 2019 SAR Risk7 EURJPY

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Most people get paid for work.


They trade time for money.


I think traders get paid for risk management.


You need to accept some risk to be profitable, but much risk doesn’t mean much profit.


The risk adjustment is actually what makes the difference.


I always encourage my Premium Course members to start with a small account and a low risk.


It is never a problem to increase that later.


But if you have no idea about proper risk management, you might see your account balance fall like a stone.


Most of the time trading will be not very spectacular, but from time to time you will see something that I call a Forex earthquake.


That happens maybe once or twice a year, but it is always unexpected and dangerous.


If you can’t adjust your risk settings to survive such things, you will probably be out of money when the next one comes around.


But there is a way to find out what works and why it works.


All you need to do is to backtest your trading system and adjust the risk settings in a way that will increase your chances to survive the next Forex earthquake.


In my opinion the time is well invested.


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