Strategy Test 2019 RVI Risk8 EURJPY

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Why do you think that there are so many indicators?


If one of these indicators would be able to predict the future, why should anybody trade something else?


And if somebody would be able to see the future, wouldn’t that actually change the future?


For example, if you would absolutely know that the EURJPY is going to rise, wouldn’t you invest every dollar you have?


And wouldn’t that actually change your future?


I don’t believe in crystal balls, I believe in probabilities.


Here in Germany you can expect to wear just a T-shirt in the summer, but in the winter you would expect to wear warm clothes.


You wouldn’t expect snow in the summer, but icy roads are not uncommon in the winter.


That doesn’t mean that we don’t have cold summer days or warm winter days, but on average a winter day is cold and a summer day is warm.


That hasn’t changed drastically in the last few hundred years, it is just how nature works.


You probably wouldn’t try to change nature and I wouldn’t try to trade a system that has no positive expectancy.


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