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I do not watch any trading related news.


I know that some people are really interested in news like payroll announcements, but I have not seen any impact for my systems.


In Germany we have a book about charting, it was written by Michael Voigt and it is called “the great book of market technique”.


In that book there is a story and in that story there is a scene where somebody asks the main character Phillip if he ever heard why somebody at the other side of the world bought or sold something.


I do believe that every trader has his or her own reason to buy or sell something.


I might sell something, because I want to avoid a loss.


I might sell something, because I want to take my profit.


I might sell something, because I made a mistake.


You never know why I buy or sell something and that is true for all the traders around the world.


Yes, I do believe that some things like news about the Brexit cause high volatility, but I don’t think that I know how people will react, because everybody has a reason to buy or sell something at any given time.


That is why I like Algo Trading.


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