What is running in the background is the strategy tester. It belongs to the package of the Metatrader. And it enables us to perform tests in accelerated form. And we are doing this on the basis of historical data. Down there you can see now that we arrived at the end of January. We have a test period which we can adjust. And we want to test our program with this historical data. To call the strategy tester, we click here above on view, strategy tester in the Metatrader or press the key combination Ctrl + R. I have here already a lot of these Expert Advisors in my directory. So I have already programmed a lot. We will now go to the Basics folder and select our Expert Advisor, which we have prepared before. Here are some settings that we will go into later. At the moment it is important for us to mark the visualization here. And to be able to click on Start Test below. Now we see our text up here. Hello world. We had entered it here in the basic framework for our simple, straightforward Expert Advisor. Now we change the value to Hello MQL5. Compile the program again. With that it is translated again into a readable form for the Metatrader. Our strategy tester still shows Hello World here. But if we stop this once and restart a test in the Metatrader 5, then Hello MQL5 appears up here now. So we have created our first executable Expert Advisor. And also already changed and recompiled. In the next video we will have a look at how you can also output calculated values on the screen. And not only such static texts here. Because in the next video we want to calculate a time variable automatically and display it on the screen.