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Day 31 is January the 31st and it is a Sunday.


We have an end result with 7.97 percent gross profit.


We have 171 closed and profitable positions by now.


We have spent a whole month together and for the last 31 days I made one of these videos every day.


So now you have seen what everyday business looks like for an algo trading system.


But that is not the only kind of business that I need to consider, because I have 4 Premium courses and spend most of my time with the support for the premium course members.


So now it is time to move on.


The next project will be the MQL5 version of the Crowd Algo Trading System.


I will also post a few updates about this MQL4 system in the future.


By now you should have a good understanding about my kind of simple automated trading and that should also be helpful for your own decision.


I have made the Crowd Algo Trading videos available as a free course on professional That is a domain with a hyphen.


I will add a coupon code to the end of the course that will make it possible for you to continue with one of the other $1 courses for free.


That is also the place where you can find more relevant information, in case you are interested.


These starter courses come with source codes that you can use and adapt for your own algorithmic trading system.


I think it was Earl Nightingale who once said that it makes no difference what someone says or what he wants to do. 


The only thing that makes a difference is what someone really does.


Today I have upgraded 20 algo trading courses on professional that only cost $1 and I have also added two other courses. 


One is about how to upload your existing YouTube videos to Amazon Prime video and the other one is about how I managed to quit my fulltime job and get my Online business up and running.


It was Jim Rohn who said that it is easy to do something, but it is also easy not to do it.


I think at some point in time it is time to decide if one wants to go one way or the other.


So what are you going to do now?


If you want to join this journey and benefit from the findings to improve your own results, just keep watching more of my content and be my guest with the coupon code at the end of the free Crowd Algo Trading course on professional!


So what do you think? Will you go to professional with a hyphen and continue, or is your journey over after the first month? Let me know.