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Day 21 is January the 21st and it is a Thursday.


I have answered a lot of feedback from interested people and now it is about half past 6 in the afternoon.


That means that I need to show up in the kitchen in half an hour, because today I am the one who has to prepare the dinner.


Today we are at about 5 percent gross profit, to be exactly the number is 4.96 percent.


The balance and the equity curve currently are looking like what I call “on rails”:


That is when both values go up on a constant basis.


Today I have spent most of my time answering requests from Premium course members, but I was also able to get an updated demo version of the Crowd Algo Trading System up and running.


So if you have downloaded the former version, go to professional – with a hyphen or just google for the term Crowd Algo Trading System to download the new version – currently you can do that for free.


It includes the ability to define a risk setting for your trading.


So what does that mean?


Think of a highway.


If you want to successfully reach your destination, you need to define the speed of your car.


You wouldn’t think that 5 miles per hour is the right speed on a highway, but it might be necessary in a traffic jam.


And if you are almost alone at 4 am in the morning, you could drive a little bit faster than you would do in the commute hours.


So the risk setting is like that gas pedal in your car, you need it to adjust the trading speed.


Market conditions change and you might be able to go full speed in one year.


But in the next year it might be necessary to decrease the trading risk due to some changes in the market volatility.


1 is a low risk setting and actually the one I prefer, because I am very risk averse.


10 is a high risk setting and that might get you into trouble when the volatility rises.


But on a demo account you can test all the values you like, because that will make you smarter without the risk of losing your last shirt.


So I would suggest to download the latest version of the Crowd Algo Trading System Demo version on professional – with a hyphen.


At the time of this writing it is all for free, but I might change that in the future.


If you want to join this journey and benefit from the findings to improve your own algorithmic trading system, just keep watching this automated content and be my guest!


For now I am done, I will now edit and upload this automated video and show up in the kitchen in 13 minutes.


So what do you think? Have you seen different results on your own demo account when you change the risk setting? Let me know.

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