Algorithmic Trading System – Start to become a happy trader


Would you like to become a really happy trader in the next 12 months?


Here is what I call the traders journey.


A guy like you or me once heard about a thing called trading and he was interested to learn more.


So he started to trade and for a while everything was fine, but suddenly he lost money.


The financial industry took his money, because that is what they do.


Our trader was looking for advice and he found free advice, kindly provided by his broker.


But his broker also was part of the financial industry and brokers make money for each trade you make and they don’t really care if it is a profit or a loss.


Most brokers want only one thing and that is that you trade a lot of money as fast as possible.


So now our trader lost even more money, good nights sleep and peace of mind.


Looking for better advice he learned about automated trading and now he is looking for a dependable solution to improve his results and beat the financial industry.


Would you like to improve your trading results with an automated system?


And would you like to decide what kind of content is interesting for you?


Hello, my name is Raimund Bauer, but this is not my real voice.


Usually I record all my videos with my own voice, but this time I wanted to do something different.


This time I wanted to create something that gives you the ability to choose and that I can adjust to your needs and your choices.


It is automated, but I am able to change, improve and adjust this automated kind of content very quickly.


That will make it even more relevant for you – if you can stand the automated voice solution I use.


Lack of information is not a problem these days, the real problem is to find relevant information – and sort out the crap that is not worth the time.


We all want the same: To save time and money and achieve our goal as fast as possible.


But not each trader is like the other one, we all have our own preferences and restrictions.


I just do Forex Trading, so I am not interested in futures or stocks.


I just do automated trading, so I am not interested in things where I need to stay in front of my screen.


And if you are not interested in automated forex trading, you can save a lot of time and effort now, because I can’t help you.


But if you have interests that are similar to mine, maybe I can help you to improve your results.


So I decided to set something up that will give you the opportunity to choose what you want to see and what you don’t want to see.


I think if you continue, it might be the fastest way to save you time, effort and money.


If you decide to continue, I will show you what I consider to be what I call a “blinding flash of the obvious” within the next 5 minutes.


It took me half a decade of automated trading to discover it, but I can explain it in 5 minutes or less.


And I think it will be the one thing that can save you time, effort and money and help you to become a happy trader in the next 12 months.


So let’s start with a simple question.


Would you like to consume this kind of content if I promise to make it helpful?