Algorithmic Trading System – 2 The one thing one thing is that will help you to reach your goal


Hello and welcome to this video, it will help you to improve your algorithmic trading results in the next 12 months.


In the last video we have talked about the fastest way to save you time, effort and money.


In this video we want to talk about what that one thing is, that will help you to reach your goal in a fraction of the time you would need otherwise.


Have you ever tried to bake a cake or cook a delicious meal?


Probably you have used a recipe.


A good recipe is a good way to get the result you want.


A good recipe is easy to follow.


A good recipe has all the parts you need for a good outcome.


You need to know the ingredients, because without the right ingredients your meal will not be tasty.


You need to know the right sequence, because if you mess up the sequence your cake might look like a spare tire.


And you need to know the expected result, because you can’t use the same recipe to bake a tasty cake AND cook a delicious soup.


Today my wife is taking part in a company event and I am going to create myself a 10 minute pizza when I am finished with this content.


I have created the recipe myself when my youngest daughter was a toddler, she is almost an adult now.


My goal was to create a pizza within 10 minutes, doing the dough, the sauce and the toppings.


I wanted to be able to do that with ingredients that I could buy in the local store, without any fancy gourmet stuff.


Here is my recipe.


Step one: The Ingredients


Wheat flour


Olive oil


Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Oregano


A cup of water


Sieved tomatoes






Step two: How to do it


Put the wheat flour and the sieved tomatoes into two bowls.


Add olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and oregano to both bowls.


Use a mixer to create the dough, stir the tomato sauce.


Put the dough on a baking tray, add sauce, salami and cheese.


Would you now be able to create a tasty pizza? 


I think some people could and others couldn’t, because there is something missing.


To get a tasty pizza, you need to know HOW MUCH.


Is it a good idea to add half a pound of salt and pepper?


Is a spoon of wheat flour enough to crate the dough?


And would a spoon of sugar improve the taste of the sauce?


In my case, I tried all these things and now I can make a tasty pizza within 10 minutes.


I was also able to teach my youngest daughter how to do that.


The reason is simple: It is a predictable process!


If you have the right ingredients, use a good recipe and stick to the process, you will get a predictable outcome.


That is true for pizza and that is also true for trading.


I think most people would be able to come up with a good pizza recipe, if they decided to invest the time, money and effort it takes to achieve the desired result.


In my case my first pizza was something that could have been used as a pot-coaster.


It wasn’t tasty, it wasn’t looking like something to eat and actually nobody wanted to eat it – including myself.


But today I know how to do it, because it is a predictable process.


And if you want to improve your trading results, a predictable process can help you to save a lot of time, money and effort. 


In this video we have talked about what that one thing is, that will help you to reach your goal in a fraction of the time you would need otherwise.


In the next video we are going to talk about the one thing you need to avoid to improve your process.