Strategy Test 2019 SMA1000 Risk30 AUDCAD

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The currency pair in this video is usually my favourite one, but in real life not everything works out all the time!


Usually I would expect good results from this currency pair, but it looks that either the year 2019 is not the best to trade it, or the current setup is just not a good fit.


I will find that out when I record the videos for all the other entry signals.


A high risk setting of 30 is something that I would usually avoid, but in this case I simply refused to take a smaller risk that would produce a loss.


Humans are biased and I wanted this to work, but you will see that the result is far from what I had expected.


I know the reason is that by setting an end date for the backtest the strategy tester has no other option than to close all trades – even the open losses.


I wouldn’t do that on a real account, but that is how the strategy tests work.


And I am still so unsatisfied that I am still tempted to manipulate my own system – but I learned not to do that.


Otherwise it would no longer be something that is worth to be called a system.


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