Strategy Test 2019 WPR Risk4.5 GBPCHF

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So why should we use a risk setting of 4.5 instead of 5?


Well, the reason is simple!


With a risk setting of 5 you could expect a big loss in this case.


There is no one size fits all solution, I found out the right risk setting by increasing it.


A risk setting of 4 will create a profit, a risk setting of 5 will create a loss.


It looks like a small step, but it has a big impact on the end result.


In a former version I didn’t have floating type values and I noticed that I was unable to adjust the risk setting properly.


So I decided to change the system and add this feature.


I also added variable lot sizes and support for smaller accounts.


For each change I had to do a lot of backtests to find out if everything works as desired.


That is why I create these videos, because I need to do it anyhow.


Some people asked me why I don’t do individual programming.


The reason is simple.


I can’t do everything, I need to pick my battles as my time is restricted.


And a small change like a floating type variable for risk settings can make such a big impact for the results. 


But all the tests are very time consuming.


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