Strategy Test 2019 RVI Risk10 USDJPY

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In this video we are going to trade the currency pair USDJPY for the whole year 2019 with an algo trading system that can be downloaded on the website 


The current risk setting is 10.


The entry signal is the Relative Vigor Index oscillator.


We are using an original Metaquotes Metatrader 5 demo account as you can create one with a few mouse clicks in Metatrader to compare it with your own results.


For automated trading it is necessary to make decisions. 


The problem with most decisions is that you most often don’t know how your life would have been if you had decided otherwise.


For example I decided to end my vacation on a spanish island 2 days earlier, because it rained.


And that made it possible to take part in a seminar where I could qualify for a better job.


And at that seminar I met a girl that became my wife.


We have two wonderful daughters and are married for 21 years, because it once rained in Spain.


But I didn’t know that when I made my decision to leave my hotel early.


Little decisions can have a big impact and I really like the fact that it is possible to see all the different results with an automated trading system.


I can change a single thing and repeat the whole strategy test. 


Often a little change can make a big difference.


It is easy to find out what would have happened, the only thing you need to do is to use an Algo trading system.


You can download the free version for the Algorithmic Trading System below the video on our website


It will work with original Metatrader 5 demo accounts.


If you are interested to learn more, or if you are interested to trade this system on a real account, make sure to become a starter member for just one dollar.