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Hi, I have released a new automated MQL4 Crowd Algo Trading System on January the 1st 2021.


This is a live experiment to show you what is working and why it is working.


And I would like you to do it with me!


Day 7 is January the seventh.


Since yesterday we are a little above 2 percent profit.


The equity is almost equal to what we have invested, so most of our current open positions are technically free.


Once the equity rises to a point that is above the invested money, we are cash flow positive.


That was the case on January the 5th and at that time would have been the first ideal point to close all trades and take the profit.


Obviously I didn’t do that, because that would have been a happy end with about one percent profit.

Imagine a fairy tale where the prince comes to rescue the princess and does that by defeating a tiny mouse.


That is not what we see in Hollywood movies.


Instead we see people like Arnold Schwarzenegger who defeats 146 people in 2 minutes.


Or Tom Cruise who is able to always survive every impossible mission.


So far I have never seen a Hollywood blockbuster action movie where somebody was a hero because he was able to tie his shoes successfully.


Heroes are always the ones who take unbelievable risks, defeat the strongest bad guys and always are able to get the girl or the boy at the happy end of the movie.


But when it comes to trading, we see broker warnings that over 80 percent of all traders make losses with their accounts.


There is something that is very frustrating and I want to tell you about it right away.


It is called survivorship bias.


Or in common words, it is the strong belief that the cause that somebody was able to survive a crisis must be that he is an expert in surviving this kind of crisis.


There might be a huge number of defeated princes who tried to save the princess before.


But you don’t hear their stories, because there are no blog posts with the title “ 7 easy steps for wannabe hero princes about how to be easily defeated by a tiny mouse”.


And all the stories about losses that you never hear do not influence you, because you never think about what does not happen to you.


You might have heard about the undefeatable Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio or Carl Icahn.


Google what happened to those guys in 2020 and you will find something that wasn’t a blockbuster story.


But still those guys will make it in the long run, because they know that probabilities and some undisputable math based laws can be used to improve their financial success in the long run.


Tomorrow we will talk about the first of those laws. 


If you want to join this journey and benefit from the findings to improve your own algorithmic trading system, just keep watching this automated content and be my guest!


Thank you for your attention and best regards from snowy Germany, 


Raimund Bauer

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