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Have you heard about the law of regression to the mean?


It is one of the two fundamental laws that are the foundation of my systems.


I read books and listen to audiobooks all the time.


In one of those books somebody asked the question why sportsmen that appear on sports magazine covers usually perform bad afterwards.


The reason is simple and it describes the law of regression to the mean.


On a cover of a sports magazine you will see people that have achieved extraordinary results.


And what comes after extraordinary results?


Often ordinary results!


So if something works exceptionally well, you notice the fact, because you are used to what you consider to be average.


Summer vacations are extraordinary, working weeks are average.


For everything there is something that we consider to be average and that is also true for trading.


Actually we use moving averages in trading to find out, if the price is above or below what we consider to be the average price.


And trading is psychology, so often when something happens that is extraordinary, you can expect something that is average afterwards.


That might not be true in every single case, but the probability is above average.


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